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Handheld Donut Depositor back



Standard:One hopper hold 5.5 lbs.(2.2 kg) and turns out 21 dozen average size donuts.


Min order:5

Transportation:Ocean Transport


  • Product Description
* EXACT PORTION CONTROL: The plunger action is designed to deposit the same size and weight every time.
* Using 6 easily-adjusted dial settings: 1 9/16" plunger size makes donuts 14-22 oz. per dozen.
* VARIETIES: Simple attachments to a plain plunger will produce Dunkerette, Ball or Nugget donuts. 
* NO LEAKS, NO MESS: Gives you a neat clean, professional operation. No wasted mix or mess. Very easy to disassemble and clean.
* CONVENIENT SIZE: One hopper holds 5.5 lbs (2.2 kg) and turns out 5 dozen average size donuts or 21 dozen average mini donuts.
* CONSTRUCTION: Aluminum hopper and handle to save weight. Stainless steel plunger and cylinder.